Quilting Fabric ? The Personality Of A Quilt

A handmade quilt is a thing of beauty; not just for the technical skill that it so clearly requires, but also for the passion required by the quilter to produce such a beautiful result. In all ways, a quilt reflects the love and personality of its maker; and nowhere is that more evident than in the choice of quilting fabric.

The choosing of quilting fabric is by far the most important element of quilting. The quilting fabric is largely chosen based on the ultimate use for the quilt. For a quilt being designed as a baby gift, often pastel fabrics are chosen; bolder quilting fabric is often chosen for the design of a decorative quilt that will be hung to complement a room; themed quilting fabric can be chosen for a specialty quilt designed to commemorate a special event.

The texture of the quilting fabric is also important ? soft and supple, boldly textured, warm and cozy, or smooth and sophisticated. The texture of the quilting fabric speaks of the quilt?s personality and the way it will be used in its lifetime. Most quilters prefer to use 100% cotton quilting fabric because of its ease of care.

Just as important, however, is the quality of the quilting fabric. To ensure that you produce a quilt that can be enjoyed for years ? and even kept for generations ? you must be sure that the craftsmanship of the fabric is superior. While you can easily order quilting fabric online, you may not be getting the highest quality quilting fabric. Give Internet companies a trial run by ordering swatches of fabric so you can examine the quality up close. Once you establish a relationship with a reputable online company you can comfortably continue to order from them. Fabric stores are a more traditional way to shop for quilting fabric and you can easily choose quality materials with the help of a knowledgeable store employee.

Don?t neglect the quilting thread when shopping for quality materials. The role of the quilting thread, after all, is to hold the quilt together. Quality quilting fabric will ultimately mean very little if the thread binding it is of poor quality.

The quilting fabric you choose will determine your final product. If you choose wisely, your quilt will reflect all the care and attention you put in to choosing the appropriate materials.

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