Pop Up The Party

A new year’s party is never complete without fireworks! Gasps and applauds of cheer, awe and delight are often heard when a display of sparks and flickers of color start flashing in the sky. Fireworks basically produce four main effects such as light, smoke, noise and flowing materials like confetti. These devices also known as pyrotechnics take on a myriad of shapes and effects which include among others stars, spheres, palms, flowers, rings, smiley faces, clovers, loops and even a weeping willow-like effect.

These certified crowd-drawers take on various shapes and types as well. Albeit, considered to be dangerous and not for children, there are a few variations of fireworks in the market that can be used during children’s parties with the same amount of fun without the worry of a hazard. One of the popular types of fireworks that are considered safe yet enjoyable at the same time are party poppers!

Party poppers, considered to be “trick noisemakers” have become very popular party favors well-loved by children and adults alike. Guaranteed to get shrieks of laughter, this party device has been renowned to highlight the elements of surprise. It is like saying happy birthday or I love you literally with a bang! And the pictures would definitely look great with a shower of falling confetti fluttering on your smile laden faces.

This device usually comes in a bottle shaped container which contains tiny spools and bits of confetti paper. Right above the bottle neck, small explosive charge is placed. A string is connected to the charge and securely attached in. Such is the design and fit that the pressure produced by the pulling of the string detonates the charge thus freeing out a cascade of confetti from the paper end cap. The party poppers available in the market nowadays come in a varied selection of innovation and designs. Let us look into these choices.

Classic Party-popper

These are the traditional kind of poppers which takes on a shape of a bottle and makes use of the string to pour out the confetti.

Cone Poppers

These poppers still makes use of the pull-string action to release the confetti but take on the shape of cones wrapped in foil and metallic paper for that added metallic classy effect.

Spring Loaded Poppers

A spring takes the place of the string in this device. The base of the popper is twisted to generate enough pressure to release and shoot out the streams of confetti that are trapped inside this nifty popper.

Confetti canons

Larger than your average popper, these cannons could create a full rain of confetti. Operated with pull-strings and with the use of air pressure, this kind is ultra-safe to use. You can expect the bangs to be louder than your classic popper so this should be perfect for big parties and events that shout celebration!

Flicker fetti

Identified as the subtle kind of popper, this device generates the same amount of confetti and streamer action but with less noise. These poppers are perfect in greeting the bride and groom a warm welcome to married life after the final blessing or after the toast at the reception.

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