Pi?ata Fever

When planning a children’s birthday party, do not forget that the key to a successful one is for the kids to have fun, fun, fun! And what translates fun better than playing party games and contests. One unique and enjoyable game that you can never go wrong with is the pi?ata!

The pi?ata game is a contest that simply works by first suspending a pi?ata from the ceiling. Then, each kid is given a chance to break the pi?ata bank with a sturdy stick. For the fun of it, the child is blindfolded and is made to turn around two or three times before being positioned in the direction of the pi?ata. Adding to the merriment are the cheers and shouts of direction from the crowd while the blindfolded contestant swings back and forth with all his or her might hoping to hit the cache. The thrill comes with anticipation on who gets to smash the pi?ata and release all the goodies inside.

Pi?atas can come in different shape and sizes. The simplest form may be in a form of a clay pot with candies inside but more often than always, we look for something fancier, the type that could indulge and delight the kid in all of us. It is best then that you find one that relates with your party theme. There are a myriad of suppliers offering to make customized pi?atas that suit your party needs. However, you can always opt to make one yourself. The project may be messy and require your time but then again, it might be a good chance to work with and have a bond with your kids prior to the party.

Making a pi?ata is fairly easy and you need not spend too much on supplies either. You will basically need a pi?ata pattern, an inflated balloon, old newspapers, scissors, glue, sticky tape, cardboard, tissue papers, strings and crayons. Do not forget the goodies that you will fill the pi?ata with. Think candies, chocolates, little toys and even pennies.

Get the inflated balloon and cover it with Paper Mache. Paper Mache can be made by first combining ? glue to ? water. You can also choose to have 1 part flour and 5 parts water combined and brought to a boil for your mixture. Then dip the newspapers, which should have been cut and torn in strips measuring six inches in height and one inch in width, in the mixture. Layer the newspaper strips on the balloon covering it but do not forget to leave a small space for your opening. Let the first layer dry before setting in a second one. Make three to four layers.

When dry, pop up the balloon and take it out. This will leave a hole on the space that you did not cover with mache. Place the goodies and treats inside the pi?ata thru the hole. Cut the cardboard in the shape of your hole and use to cover it. Seal with the sticky tape and lay layers of paper mache on it then let dry. Make holes on the side and slide in the strings to hold the pi?ata. Paint your pi?ata in different colors with the crayons and voila, you’re ready for your party!

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