Photography Newbie

The trend today is digital cameras. Everyone has them, but many do not know how to use them right. There are so many different things to know about how you take a picture it is amazing.

Okay, first let?s buy the camera. You will want to have a decent camera, not one that only cost you twenty dollars. Get a good one so you have your memories come out fantastic. The one thing you will want to make sure of is the pixels. The higher the pixel the better your pictures will turn out. You are shopping around, you see a 2.0, and then across from it there is a 6.0. Well you know right off the bat the 6.0 is your best deal but of course, it will be the more expensive one to purchase. Then there is the zoom aspect of the camera. The better the zoom the tighter the picture will be. That is why higher pixels are the best otherwise you zoom in and your picture will become blurry.

Now, you have your camera and are ready to take pictures. There are many cameras that have settings that will tell you what to put it on for the type of lighting you have. There is sunlight, cloudy, dark, and nighttime. There are also settings for fast moving subjects. You can just turn the dial and it will be all ready to go. To take a picture you will want to hold the camera steady, otherwise it will be a bit blurry from you moving it. There are cameras out now that have a feature that will stabilize it even if you are shaking. Once again, this will cost more money.

You want your picture to be the best you can take and there is so much to remember but with today?s technology, you can take many beautiful pictures using the settings on the cameras. Remember though, the best pictures are not posed. Taking pictures of things that happen random is always the best ones. You will have to take ones that are posed but make sure everyone is relaxed not stiff. Natural smiles make beautiful pictures.

You can get as deep as you wish into photography. There is so many different lens that you can put on your camera. You can even get lens that take pictures in total blackness. You must remember you will get what you pay for. You go too cheap you will have really bad pictures. Digital cameras are an investment, so buy the best you can afford.

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