Photographers Need Great People Skills, Too! Part 2

Let Them Be: This goes especially if you are taking pictures of children. It can be difficult to take a picture of a fidgety or playful child. Let them feel more comfortable during the shoot by just letting them be themselves. You can capture some wonderful and beautiful pictures of a child dancing, playing with a stuffed animal, dressing up in play clothes, and more. Having these props available will make your little clients feel more comfortable and want to come back to take more pictures. Do the same with your adult clients as well. Adults are more used to getting into a particular position and being still for their pictures, but you can remind them that they do not have to do that, especially if you sense that a client is a little fidgety. It can make them feel a lot more comfortable by allowing them to just be. Ask them what their favorite hobbies are. If they love to write, let them write or draw on a pad of paper. You could catch some beautiful expressions this way and possibly win a client for life.

Keep it Honest: Your client might want a picture of himself or herself with a smile, but they might look more natural with a frown. Keeping your pictures and clients honest will result in some great pictures. When someone has to force a smile, or position himself or herself in an uncomfortable way it will show through in the picture. Keeping it honest and natural will result in better pictures for you and your client.

So, remember that having good people skills as a photographer can really make a difference in your photography business. Keep good eye contact, keep a good conversation going, allow your clients to be themselves, and keep it honest and natural.

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