Photo Gifts Uniquely Different

Like the famous saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And for some people, a photograph can not only show off your happy moments with relatives and friends but if you are creative and imaginative enough, they make up for one artistic gift. Gone are the days when pictures are set to be displayed only in photo albums or showed off in picture frames that are flaunted all over the walls in your living room or on the bedside table in your bedroom or left in a box somewhere for safekeeping. In this time and age, however, people have come up with a lot of ingenious and resourceful ideas so that these wonderful mementos can no longer be left in those monotonous frameworks or in the dark alleys of your closet. Here are a few ways for you to pump up some artistry with those photos and for sure, bring in some smiles and cheers from relatives and loved ones.

To start off, you can go for a customized card. For sure, your mom would be delighted to receive a Mother?s day greeting card with a picture of the two of you in front of it. It should not only remind you of those happy sweet mother-daughter bonding moments but it is also a great way of telling your mom that she is important to you as you cherish the wonderful memories that you have spent together and are looking forward to spending more of those quality time with her. Personalize your happy birthday greetings to your sisters with an old picture of you and her growing up. Sending in a card with a picture of you and your friend looking all healthy and in the pink of health would probably get your get-well-soon message across. Best of all, Christmas holiday postcards have never looked better with a photograph of you and your family whose smiles could be sending holiday cheer to friends and loved ones who now live a number miles away from your hometown of Sydney, Australia.

A fun idea for a photo gift is a memory game. Lots of individuals have attests that this is a tried and true wonderful gift that anyone would love to receive. You can work with around 12 to 25 pairs of photographs with this game so you get to treat your friends with a lot of wonderful pictures. The game works quite simply with all the pictures placed faced down. Then the participants take their turns flipping in two of the pictures until they find a matching pair. It is great fun for the family or for a group of friends to share. Added bonus is for you to bond together and reminisce about old times and happy memories. And do not think that there is no chance to liven up your refrigerator yet, what with the creation of photo magnets. These can come in wallet or 3×5 size cards where you can display a favorite picture in. Just think it would be much delightful to see a picture of your toddler stamped in your refrigerator door instead of an odd shaped magnet.

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