Overview Of Call Of Duty 2 Achievements

Call of Duty 2 is the second installment in Activision?s Call of Duty series and the winner of over 80 game of the year awards. As with all of COD game you get to play as a different soldier fighting in different armies as you progress through the game. It gives you a chance to try out a lot of different weapon selections which are pretty accurate to what the actual armies had access to in World War 2. They picked really good World War 2 scenarios to use such as the American Rangers landing at Pointe du Hoc. Nobody can deny that was one of the most heroic efforts of World War 2. Another great scenario is the British campaign against Rommel in North Africa including El Alamein. That is one of the most valid achievements for any game.

Not by any stretch of the imagination could you say any of the Call of Duty 2 Achievements are easy. However you will notice a lot of gamers who have all 1000 points. You have to best it on the hardest difficulty level to do so. I personally started out on the hardest difficulty and try for the achievements right off the bat. I felt that was more rewarding. On Veteran difficulty you really have to think about what you are doing in the game. Don?t plan on getting all 1000 points off one rental. If you are wanting all the achievements you should definitely buy the game. Don?t worry; you won’t be disappointed.

As I was making my way through the achievements I felt like I had been through a war. The veteran difficulty in this game is really intense. In the menu for the subtext it says ?you will not survive?. This is keeping with the tongue in cheek ratings with other games such as Doom?s ?hurt me plenty? level. At the end of the day you will look back on those achievements fondly as you will in the memories you had playing the game. The overall rating is a solid 8 out of 10.

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