Outdoor Photography

If you are interested in beginning an interesting and exciting hobby while taking advantage of the outdoor opportunities of your city, it is time to consider buying a camera and photograph nature, people, sights, sports , landmarks, the sky, the sun and the landscape. The possibilities are endless and your intuition can lead you anywhere you believe you are going to take your next amazing photograph.

Being an amateur photographer, less than a year ago I decided to invest in buying a digital camera and a couple of extra lenses. Since then, I have taken more than 2,000 pictures of places and people trying to focus on what I wanted to portray and tell a story through the selected imagery. Although my photographic illustrations have not always been really great, I am extremely happy I decided to take this hobby as I have been walking the city streets since then looking with a different eye the things I have been crossing indifferently in the past.

Outdoor photography has evolved since the creation of the first photographic camera to an activity anyone can do as it offers tremendous possibilities and gives people the initiative to explore the unknown or known world with the eyes of a conscious observer.

During the summer, I usually go out looking for interesting spots to shoot my photographs and every digital album I create has a summer theme. The same I plan to do during the fall and winter times and in a year from now, who known, perhaps I will be able to show my photographic collection to friends, family and strangers in my first personal expedition.

Consider taking photography as a hobby as you can enjoy the fulfillment you will feel every time you press your camera’s button. Moreover, your kids, friends or partner can act as the models of your frames and you will always save in your memory the times you will spend watching your children laugh while playing. Through the look of your camera you will become more conscious of your surroundings and you will remember how it feels to look at a tree or the sky and be content that you are alive and able to admire nature’s miracles or humans’ amazing constructions.

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