One More For The Fire: The Draenei

In the new World of Warcraft expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, players are able to choose from two new races. One of those new races is the blue-skinned Draenei, magic users of the highest caliber.

The Draenei are a race for the Alliance, pitting themselves against the merciless Horde. They are an ancient race, their origins dating back almost twenty five thousand years. They are derived from the Eredar, whom Sargeras coveted because of their powerful magic abilities.

Having been tempted by his offer to join his demonic horde, the leaders of the Eredar refused this destroyer of worlds. Sargeras was too powerful to face directly in open battle so those not willing to throw their lives away and join him were given the chance to go into exile. They renamed themselves the Draenei.

The Alliance race Draenei were chased and hunted for many thousands of years by the Legion. Hiding in their refuge far from their homeland, they were attacked by the orcs. The mighty demon lord that hunted them corrupted the orcs and made them fight the Draenei. This horde became his instrument of revenge and torture.

In the game of WOW: Burning Crusade, the Alliance race Draenei has six classes available to them. First is the Warrior, a primary melee combatant. The warrior is the tank of the party, the one able to withstand the most punishment and can also deal out a great amount of pain to the enemy.

Next is the Paladin, a warrior for good that also has some minor healing ability. This class can back up the Warrior in hand-to-hand fighting or heal and protect everyone in the party.

Another class is called the Hunter. The Hunter attacks foes from a distance using a variety of long range weapons like bows or black powder instruments. They are woodsmen and gatherers. Hunters have a huge advantage over other fighters by inflicting damage from far away.

The next class available to Draenei players is the Priest. Priests are very important for any party because of their powerful ability to heal and resurrect fallen warriors. Battling in the World of Warcraft massively multiple player game won?t go so well if your character is dead. Priests can heal the fighters to get them back in the action fast.

A Shaman is a mystical practitioner of magic that draws power from the elements using totems and spells. They are spiritual leaders and are considered a solid hybrid in this expansion pack for WOW.

The final available class for the Draenei is the Mage, the primary magic users of any party. The Mage is a great class for those that wish to play the game alone as they can summon powerful creatures to do their bidding for them. Mages cast offensive spells that can disrupt and damage the enemy.

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