Nintendo Wii’s Elebits Is Ele-fun

I had the opportunity to pick up this game yesterday and figure I could whip a quick review of it. I try to have the whole family perform the reviews, but since I was the only one to really get into this quirky game, I better just go ahead and complete the review myself.

The game play is unique from other console type games; you are required to use both the Wii-mote and the nunchuck. The Wii-mote is your zapper gun and the nunchuck is you movement. You can walk in all directions using the nunchuck and stretch up and crouch down using your Z button on the nunchuck. Your zapper is your tool to catch the little Elebits. You just simply point and click your zapper to catch the Elebits as well as move items around. The environment (house rooms) is completely movable; if you see an object then eventually with enough strength you will be able to move the objects. You can stack chairs on top of couches on top of the dinning room table if you like. Keeping the objective in mind, which is to catch as many Elebits as you can in a certain amount of time or with out breaking to many objects or without making to much noise. The Elebits represent watts or power, the more you collect the more you can do. As you collect the Elebits different appliances become available to turn on, which in turn will release more of the little creatures. Overall the game play is very good. Please keep in mind that the game is in the first person point of view and that puts a lot of strain on your eyeballs and may even make some people (my wife) sick to their stomachs due to the fast movements of your field of view.

The graphics on this game are better then we have seen from the Wii thus far and although they are still very cartoon oriented, though they work perfectly in this odd game.

The sound on this game is hard to judge, but for one they didn?t stick in my mind nor did they annoy me. I would have to say that at least they had some voice over work done for the story line, unlike Zelda which is all text based.

Fun Factor on this title is excellent, I played through a few levels and had to go back and play more later in the evening. I eventually stopped playing around midnight last night and I awoke with Elebits dancing in my head. I left off at what would be the first boss of the game and that round was pretty tough. The Boss multiplies at first into 3 ghosts, when you zap the 3 ghost the boss turns into 5 smaller ghosts and then 10 mini ghosts. The ghosts can be really difficult to see at times and one hint I?ll give you is to look up in the rafters of the level, they like to hide up there.

This game is entirely innovative and I am sure there will be sequels released in the future and hope the Elebits become another Nintendo household name. Who would guess that little hiding Elebits would be such a big hit. I have never played anything similar to this game and it is only showing a bit of what the Nintendo Wii has to offer. Elebits is probably now my favorite Wii game. My library is not huge, but Elebits is the 5th Wii title that I have purchased.

Since I have only made it to the 7th or 8th level I really can?t put a number on the difficulty level of this game, but I did have to play the first boss at least 4 times without beating him. The first thing I am going to do when I get home is to put that ghost in his place.

I think this is an excellent game for the Nintendo Wii and I would highly recommend it. I rate this game as a solid 8.3 and it should be in every Wii owners collection.

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