New Star Wars Book: Fans To Decide Name Of Sith Lord

Star Wars fans, perhaps some of the most passionate and loyal of all fans, will get the unique pleasure of trying to name a new Sith lord in a newest installment of the Star Wars novels.

The book, titled “Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice”, is set to be published on May 22 by Del Rey Books.

Del Rey and the author, Karen Traviss, obtained permission from the Lucasfilm Company to name the new Sith lord in the book, and the company decided to hold a contest among fans to name the new lord. The winner will be determined by Del Rey editors and Lucasfilm employees.

“Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice” will focus on Jacen Solo and his descent into the “dark side”. He is the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo.

Star Wars fans, many of whom enjoy the series of books delving into various aspects of the Star Wars empire, are invited to offer their suggestions for the new Sith lord. As Jacen Solo delves deeper into the Sith world, he will have to take a new Sith name to signify his allegiance to the ?dark side?.

Fans are invited to enter the naming contest at the Del Rey Star Wars site. To enter the contest, fans must be registered at To enter the contest, fans must be at least 18 by Oct. 3, 2006 and be U.S. residents. After the contest ends, Del Rey editors and Lucasfilm employees will pick the top 5 names and those names will be listed on the Star Wars website. Then, between Jan. 23, 2007 and Feb. 27, 2007, fans can vote on the names.

The grand prize winner of this contest will not only see their chosen name in print in the book, but will also get special recognition on the acknowledgement page of the book. If two people enter the same name and that name is chosen, the grand prize winners will share the recognition.

Fans are excited about the contest, reporting on message boards they are carefully considering the name of the new Sith lord, which requires some consideration of names already in use and the various plot points that might come to fruition in the new book.

Some fans report they are leaning toward Latin names, while others indicate names like Darth Omen might be good, since Jacen would likely see that as befitting his position as he leans more and more toward the Sith life.

Many fans are excited about this naming, because Jacen might be as powerful and dynamic a Sith lord as Darth Vader, so the name chosen must be in tune with that possibility.

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