New semiprecious stone: Topaz

Alpha Imports have just introduced new line of semiprecious gemstones.
The unique colors and shapes are available just from Alpha. Just posted semiprecious luxury topazes are available in many shapes like: round, square, marquise, trillion, pear shape, Antique Cushion, octagon and more.
The unique colors like: Sheer Luck, English Blue, Azotic, Pure Pink, Cosmic Whiskey, Twilight, Aurora Moon just to name few make them even more rare. Those are treated stones originated from mines in Brazil are all in AAA grade and are having hardness 8.
Topaz is a birthstone of November and December. Precisely yellow topaz is for November and blue is for December. It can be used for fourth (4th) nineteenth (19th) and twenty third (23rd) anniversaries.
Alpha Imports can offer many more topaz semiprecious stones like: Sky Blue Topaz, Swiss Blue Topaz, and London Blue Topaz just to name a few.
Topaz can be also found in mines of: Sri Lanka, Russia, Australia, Africa, Mexico and Pakistan

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