Naruto Animation: An Unbiased Review

The anime, Naruto, is based on Masashi Kishimoto?s manga of the same title. The anime is produced by Studio Pierrot and aniplex and is aired in Japan?s terrestrial TV Tokyo Network and several other networks worldwide. Naruto?s animation is fluid and each Naruto episode is filled with gripping fight scenes and beautifully portrayed characters. It currently has over 200 episodes and still counting.


The story is about a young boy name Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto, blond-haired and blue-eyed, is a spirited, hyperactive, and overly loud ninja. He is first introduced as a troublemaker, playing various pranks and being at the bottom of his class in the ninja academy. But Naruto is not your average neighborhood brat ? far from it. Naruto, despite his obvious lack in the skills, manners, and intelligence department, has lots of self-confidence and even more determination. He, though loud and uncouth, has a golden heart and a power to inspire others. He aspires to be the Hokage ? the leaf village?s top ninja. He is revealed to be an orphan and to have a demon beast, the nine-tailed fox, sealed inside him, causing the villagers to shun him and even hate him. All he wants is the people?s acceptance ? which he gradually gains as the story progresses.

Other Important Characters

The story starts when Naruto is placed on a genin team composed of a girl named Haruno Sakura and a boy named Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura, a pink-haired girl who cares more for her looks rather than being a ninja but has great intelligence, is Naruto?s love interest. However, she resists all his advances, even to the point of beating him up. Incidentally, Sakura is in love with Sasuke, Naruto?s ?rival?, along with several other girls, all of whom are blatantly ignored and scoffed at by the said boy. Uchiha Sasuke seems to be everything Naruto is not, perfect looks, prodigious intelligence and skills, a cold and aloof personality, and the respect and love of several people. The boy does not seem to care though, and treats everyone condescendingly, especially Naruto. They are placed under the wing of Hatake Kakashi, a very mysterious figure who has a habit of reading a lewd book. Together, they go on several missions, eventually building a strong, albeit hesitant and grudging, friendship wherein they would do anything for each other. As the series progresses, various elements are thrown into the mix, a witty blend of comedy, action, and a little bit of romance. The plot deepens, leading to the revelation of Sasuke?s bitter past and his eventual descent into darkness and Naruto and Sakura?s desperation to save him from his demons, all the while battling enemy ninja with their own evil agendas.

This anime is popular for a reason. It will have you falling in love with the plot and the characters, laughing with them in the happy moments, and even crying with them in the sad ones. This anime is definitely worth watching. Even if you are not yet an anime fan, you will enjoy it.

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