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I can probably speak for many when I say the Preston and Steve radio show is a local favorite. But, I would contend that they are probably one of the best morning shows in the country. How many radio shows do you know that have their own brand of ice cream, not many, if any. That’s right, Preston and Steve have an incredibly delicious ice cream flavor dubbed “Gadzooks”, check it out.

Not only is Preston Elliot and Steve Morrisson running a great radio show, they have the uncanny ability to take a simple phrase like “monkey pick a$$” (spoken with an English accent), and make it wildly funny to hear and acceptable to repeat.

The Preston and Steve show is aired locally on 93.3 WMMR, and can be hear around the world by steaming audio via, and Podcast. So if you are up to hear something funny on the radio, and are tired of Howard Stern claiming he invented everything, give the Preston and Steve show a shot. From “monkey pick a$$” to “Gadzooks” you wont be disappointed, and if you are lucky may hear some old street fighter sound clips.

Hope you enjoy their show.

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