Metal Detecting Tutorial

A metal detector should not be bought solely on the suggestion of one person (no matter how good a friend). If you are new to the hobby, you should realize that long time detector users can be very committed to the particular model and brand of detector that they have been using. They are generally unfamiliar with anything newer or different. If you are planning to buy a metal detector to join the treasure-hunting fun, here are some tips to guide you so that youll get the best deal possible. Metal detectors can be pricey, so youve got to invest your money well.

The metal detectors in airports, office buildings and prisons for example help ensure that no one is bringing a weapon onto the property. Consumer oriented metal detectors provide entertainment to people and give chance in discovering hidden treasures. How much will you spend on a detector? It is advisable to be a little flexible in this regard so that one can buy one that most suits the requirements.

Metal Detecting Tutorial

Searching for treasure is something that children grew up with after reading books about pirates. This fantasy can now become a reality as the person can buy a metal detector and start looking for jewelry or old coins that have been buried in the ground. Some people think that reading the manual will make the individual an expert in looking for these objects. The truth is it takes time to master the skill and getting some help from the experts is a good start.

Information regarding metal detection is available in books, magazines and on the Internet. The person should study the types of devices available or simply inquire about the types of model.

The first part of the tutorial is designed to familiarize the user with the different parts of the metal detector. This will give the individual an idea of what each part is used for and how important it is to finding objects buried underground. The second part will orient the person on how to use it when scanning a given area. The metal detector is swept from left to right in a slow motion and should a sound come back, this means there is something there, which could be something of value or just trash.

The large coil can be found in the search coil of the detector while the small coil is found on the System Control Pack. The coils are connected to an oscillator which produces pulses of current. The pulse passes through the coils in order to generate radio waves.

Youve got to buy a metal detector that could withstand normal wear and tear longer than its competitors. The longer the metal detector can serve you, the better your return on investment will be. Look for depressions showing where large trees might have been. The place where a clothes line might have been and outside under the kitchen window are two places the lady of the house might have laid something down or dropped something.

Any place there is construction and the ground is being cleared, that is a great place to start treasure hunting. Successfull treasure hunting starts with having the right metal detector. But which type of metal detector should you get? Complete info on metal detectors and treasure hunting at

Most detectors will perform as promised by the Manufacturers. However, different brands of detectors will have various characteristics and features. Some detectors may require different swing speeds and some may weigh more than others. Yet another feature to consider (for ease of travelling and packing) is the number of sections that the detector will separate into.

Metal detectors work on the principal of electromagnetics and their effects on conductive metals. There are actually two separate elements in the coil of a typical unit. One is a high-powered coil of metal which uses the battery power to generate a penetrating magnetic field. The third part usually involves teaching the person the different technologies used in detecting metal objects. This could be very low frequency, pulse indication or beat frequency oscillation. Come find out more on metal detector reviews in order to pick the perfect one today!

The mode of detection depends on the type of model purchased. It would be good for the individual to know his equipment in the event the current model being used is upgraded or if the customer decides to buy a better one in the future. The last part of the tutorial will be rather like a practical test for the user. Some coins or other metallic objects can be thrown in the backyard or hidden by someone else. After a few minutes, the individual should successfully find all of these items in order to pass the tutorial.

Buying a book or watching a video is just one way to learn how to use the metal detector. It would be better to get hands on experience such as that offered by local clubs so that other tips and can also be learned. These organizations also sponsor treasure hunts and other activities for the members so one can be just as good as the experts.

When hand-held detectors are switched on, a red signal pattern in transmitted from the coil to the ground. When the signal comes in contact with a metal, it interrupts the signal and the detector alerts the user with an audio signal and flashing lights. You could find rings, bracelets, necklaces, coins or anything metal. Depending on the brand of metal detector you buy and model it is you will get different results. Just ask or research to find out what kind would best suit you.

It does, however, have its own downsides. Some say that the knobs of the Pro XL are quite loose and when adjusting it, you have to be careful not to hit it with your arms. It is quite sensitive and bumping it may require you to start or reset the adjustments. Some users put a rubber band around the knobs to keep them from moving or becoming loose.

It is always very nice to purchase at least the second model up in the brand. You will get a few more bells and whistles and a lot more control over your detecting. Total purchase means that you will also need some accessory items such as trowels, scoops headphones and coil covers.

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