Meet Kate Bosworth: Superman Returns

There are few more iconic characters in American movie history as Lois Lane, Clark Kent?s sidekick at the Daily Planet, and Superman?s romantic interest. But 23 year old Kate Bosworth?s performance has earned her a number of excellent reviews in the role in the latest film in the Superman series ? ?Superman Returns?.

Bosworth admits that she was unsure if any actor could pull of a convincing Superman/Clark Kent combination ? she remembers the original film with great excitement. However, she is full of praise for Brandon Routh, the unknown actor who plays the title role. She realized how good Routh was going to be as early as an early screen test, before she had got the role, when she discovered she ?had become totally lost in just reading with him, in a white, bare, sparse room with the tri-pod video camera and a couple of people sitting around and watching and that’s when I realized he was going to be tremendous in this film?.

Bosworth modelled her Lois Lane performance on Katharine Hepburn. “I watched a lot of Hepburn to prepare for Lois, particularly ?The Philadelphia Story? and ?Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?. Hepburn is a great model for how I see Lois – strong but fragile.”

Bosworth spent her early childhood moving around the US, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, then to Connecticut and to Massachusetts. It was around the time of the move to Massachusetts in 1998 that she heard of an open audition for Robert Redford?s film ?The Horse Whisperer?. A horse-lover, she went along for the experience, and won the role of the female lead’s best friend. After ?The Horse Whisperer? Bosworth took a break from acting, returning two years later to resume her career which has culminated with her role in ?Superman Returns?.


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