Man vs. Wild’s Bear Gryllis is a fake!?!?!

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Lots of proof is showing up to this effect on the internet. It has always perplexed me with how Bear could be so far in the wilderness and secluded with a camera crew right next to him. Those guys wouldn’t have to take the torture so why wouldn’t they. One major thing comes to my mind, I watched an episode where Bear Gryllis has to cross this large canyon and makes it sound nearly empossible. Well the camera crew is already set up at the base to watch him scale down. If that is so then he already knows a route down or they have equipment he does not. Well they cutting from shots actually makes it so we don’t see much of him actually crossing the canyon other than scaling down a few trees.

Let me put it this way…. It is hollywood. They want to make a lot of money and if it is easier on Bear and the crew and everything to just fake a scene they will do it to make things better for themselves as well as to make it a TON cheaper for the studios meaning more profit. The definately can and will do this since they get to show us what they want. They are in control of what we view so it will obviously seem believable.

Here is some evidence against Bear Gryllis’ authenticity:

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Read the full story HERE

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