Make Your Website Something Worth Coming Back To

I am no Internet ?Guru.? I do hope that ~ if I visit your website ~ I will find 1st what I am looking for, and 2nd a reason to return to your site at another time.

While this may fly in the face of many who know much more about Internet marketing than I ever will, I hope to encourage those who maybe ~ have a small business or personal website that ~ feel like they have failed to reach the masses.

Please understand, this is my opinion only. Until and if I get some feedback to convince me otherwise, I will no doubt keep it 🙂

Anyway, I like websites that give me a reason to bookmark them. Like most surfers, I am looking for the perfect wave. Okay, even if I will never find it, I still want to catch a big one.

Maybe, I am also interested in making a little ~ OR A LOT OF MONEY ~ working on my home computer? If so, I have probably been disappointed several times already. I know that I told myself, ? I?ll never try anything like this again, ever! Several times??

But ~ of course ~ I did. Until I finally found a couple of ?Keepers,? I just thank heavens that I didn?t dirty up my website or tarnish my reputation by foisting ?Losers? on other people. Of this, I am thankful, although I?ll admit I was tempted ~ before I determined that they didn?t deliver what I thought that they had promised. I feel, if we ?Rip someone in cyberspace off,? we may never have a chance to pay him or her back.

As I was meditating how to wrap~up this brief article, I went outside onto the patio. An eager squirrel had found and fiendishly opened both ends of a five pound bag of wild bird feed. At first, I was disappointed. No, I was pissed! It was a mess! Then, a little sparrow came down ~ landing right at my feet ~ to consider wheather or not the treat was worth the trouble. If the reward was in perportion to the risk. She looked around for maybe a minute before deciding I was safe. She hopped in to begin ~ with but a small peck ~ to sample her discovery.

I realised that first time visitors to many websites must feel the same way. The sparrow didn?t attempt to consume all of the seed before departing. Yet, I know that she will return. I even believe that she will invite others to share in her good fortune.

Isn?t that exactly what many of us hope for our websites? That we make our website something worth coming back to?

Russ Miles is a creationist. He has created and maintains an ever evolving website While understanding that not every person who visits will find the desert that they seek, Russ attempts to offer a changing menu that can satisfy the diverse appetites of varied visitors. The author of two poetry books, Beacon? and Imperfections?, Russ has recently published a thriller mystery novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO?, which is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book stores. Comments:

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