Make Your Own Book Mark

If you love to read as much as I do, then you should consider making your reading even more fun by making your own book mark to hold your spot in your current favorite book. I started making my own book marks a few years ago and have become almost addicted to it. Sometimes I use a book mark over and over again, but often I will make a special book mark for each book that I read. It gives me something to look forward to when I start a new book and it keeps me motivated to keep getting into the book and getting the pages turning.

Does making your own book mark seem a bit too artistic or creative for your skills? If so, then read on. Know that your special book mark doesn’t have to impress anyone other than you. The important part in making a book mark is simply that you make it. It matters little if at all the quality or creativity of the book mark you make. One of the most necessary elements in making a book mark is to enjoy it. You and I both know that the last thing we need is one more thing in life that we do not enjoy. So enjoy yourself! Don’t take the project of making book marks so seriously that you do not have fun. I guarentee that making book marks will only last as long as your fun lasts.

Gather ideas for great book marks from everywhere. Look at fabrics, magazine ads, and even photographs. The more ideas you gather, the better your chance of making book marks that you truly enjoy. And do not let yourself discount ideas simply because they seem silly or too childlike. Sometimes the most simple ideas turn out the best.

I have started making book marks that match the tone of the book I will use the book mark for. So, for example, a heavier novel may get a more serious, darkly colored book mark than say a light-hearted comedy I am reading. I try to make my book marks match the feeling I am anticipating about the book.

Making book marks can also be a great gift to give friends and family that enjoy reading like you do. Not everyone, even if they absolutely love reading, will take the time to make a book mark for themselves. So be a great friend and make a book mark or two for each of your reading friends. What a simple and great gift to give.

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