Make The Most Of Your Peel Off Stickers

Don’t you find it maddening when you peel an outline sticker from the sheet and notice that the bits of peel off left behind also make a great picture, if only you could peel them and put them in the right place to recreate the picture. Well now you can do just that.

All you need to do is carefully stick a piece of masking tape onto the remaining pieces of the peel off then peel it carefully to lift the pieces from the backing sheet. PLace the peel off image where you would like it, then rub vary hard onto the back of the masking tape. The image should stick to your project allowing you to remove the masking tape slowly taking care to leave the peel off behind..

So to make a beautiful card with a butterfly outline sticker. Select an A5 piece of Coloured card, fold or score it in half. Select a piece of background medium in a matching colour, this could be vellum, parchment, mulberry paper of any type of backing material and mount this onto the front of your card using double sided foam pads to give it depth. Then simply peel the Butterfly and place on your card, you can then colour the wing sections in different colours to great effect.

You can then use the above method to add a second butterfly peel off shape from the middles of your first butterfly peel off

To finish your card you could add a plain paper insert and a matching C6 envelope. This method works with all types of pel offs, if the image you wish to lift is wider than your masking tape layer several strips of tape together until you get the width needed to lift your peel off design fully.

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