Magic Sir – Seventeen Magic video’s

Oh no, Rick, tell me it ain’t so..
More than seventeen magic tricks video’s.
If I watch all those magic tricks video’s do you know how much trouble I’m going to be in with my wife/husband/parents/teachers/boss?

Let me give you a tip… That’s what bookmarks are for, my friends..
That’s also why a laptop and a wireless home network comes in handy.
And is a great website for your lonely times.
You can sit with your honey in front of the TV, watching your vids, while they watch dueling chefs.. features a series of video magic tricks and solutions. I think I counted about 17 different videos on the first six different pages. One included the gimmicked floating card, devised originally by Mike Bornstein.

A few of the other effects include a nice false cut that anyone should be able to master quickly.
A cut and restored cigar. An effect with what they call a floating ball, which is actually what is commonly known as the Zombie Ball. And various coin tricks, including one with magnets, and several card tricks.
Visit and show it to your kids. Or you can try to learn it yourself, all the videos are very easy to uinderstand.
Actually, you can call yourself a magician after 30 minutes in that site.
It is a great site to bring the family together. Start your quality time with some magic. Impress your friends at a night out with some of the bar tricks or try to get a lady using some nice tricks from those that are revealed in this web site.
You can use card to perform card tricks or you can use everyday objects like coins and other stuff showned in the video tutorials.
Watch your first magic trick video tutorial today and enjoy life.

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