Madonna Reviewed

One of my favorite artists of all time is Madonna. She is one true super stars of our generation. She is also one of the first women who started out as just a pop star but managed to have staying power. I believe this is because she is a great businesswoman. Madonna has a great voice that has only gotten better over time and she can still manage to dance like no one else. The reason she has remained a household name is because she knows how to sell herself.

When Madonna first came out I was fairly young. I enjoyed all of her earlier pop oriented songs such as Lucky Star, Borderline and Holiday of her first self entitled album. Her second album Like a Virgin had the more provocative self titled song, but she also stuck with the pop roots in Material Girl. She again delved into the slightly provocative in her third album True Blue with the song Papa Dont Preach. Then was her first movie Whos that Girl. I have to admit I did enjoy the movie but thought this would be the end of her career. However, she came back with the album Like a Prayer sticking with those original roots of a self title slightly provocative song and an upbeat pop tune, Cherish.

Through the next few years she managed to put out a few lackluster albums. However she always managed to stay in the media and keep herself a household name. When Madonna released the album Ray of Light I knew she was more than just a pop princess. That album showed how much her voice had grown and how much her body hadnt. She is still able to perform as well as she did when she was 15 years younger. These are the reasons I respect Madonna. Not only is she a talented artist she is also a shrewd businesswoman.

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