For the last 8 years I’ve worked as a freelance record producer/sound engineer and before you ask, no, I haven’t worked with anyone famous and no, I can’t make a CD for your young Bennie who’s just started playing the Harp but is “very good” and “even better” just after he tunes it… For those of you out there who think record production is all about fast cars, girls and mountains of money, please allow me to provide a reality-check. Yes, for a select few people, the high-rolling, big-budget, hit-making factory provides a very seductive lifestyle, but for the other 99.99% of us it’s months of toil in crappy studios with small independent artists protectively mothering large, dependent egos.

Despite the economic and social disparity, there is one advantage to being one of the “small fish” in the big pond called the Music Industry.

The Lovebird.

A Lovebird is always an amateur who has humbly come into the studio to record something special for a loved one. They’ll explain that it’s for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, and there’s an old song that means a lot to them that they’d like to record as best they can. Often they’d just bring the song in on a CD and ask me to remove the vocals and do a quick recording of them singing to that track. I’d record it as best I could, add a few effects and burn it to a CD for them.

Lovebirds used to come into the studio all the time. It was both a pleasure and an honor to watch them sing their hearts out; however, over time I noticed that they were coming in less and less. Initially, I feared that the gentle art of the serenade was dying, but as it turns out, they were still actively recording their own personal songs, but from the comfort of home, as opposed to the often intimidating domain of the recording studio.

Whenever a lovebird used to come into the studio, they were always surprised when they saw how quick and easy it was. I guess it was only a matter of time before someone like came along and made the whole process possible at home.

Music Morpher Gold does everything I can do in the studio…without the studio. They’ve made it so easy that anyone can start recording in minutes! What’s more, for this Valentine’s Day they’ve cut the price by 50% to $49.95…It’s enough to make any grown sound engineer cry. If you want to make an impression this Valentine’s Day, here is your big chance. Be a Lovebird this time around; sing your heart out and make someone feel very special.

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