Looking For Free Audio Books?

If you are someone who just loves listening to audio books, they can be found almost anywhere. They have become very popular in the past few years. They can be found on the internet, books stores, and department stores. And do not worry if you think you can?t find the book you are looking for in the library. It seems that almost every book you can think of is either on a compact disc or audio cassettes.

If you are someone you would rather just listen to an audio book for free, then obviously you don?t want to go out and buy one. There is a way to get audio books for free. Well the most obvious would be the public library; many are now offering free audio downloads.

But if you find that your local library doesn?t offer this, there are other options; one would be the ever resourceful internet. The internet site, Jiggerbug.com offers free trials of their audio book rental service. They have a wide range of audio books, just look threw them and if you like something you can burn it onto CD for your personal use only, that means no selling it. You have to keep in mind about copyright laws.

Also check out Gutenberg.com, which has free computer generated audio that are available for download. Though their collection doesn?t offer many contemporary reads, they have a good source of classis literature.

Or another approach would be the do-it yourself, record your own audio books. This is a great idea for parents with young children. If you have to go away for business, at least you?re child won?t have to miss those bed time readings.

So go and try these suggestions, the faster you go the faster you?re curled up in bed listening to your favorite book.

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