Let is plunge into the sea of the new Chiarugi site with the new collection 2008

This year is easy to admire the new collection 2008 of Chiarugi, diving into the “sea” of the new site, where the haute couture company presents his new woman costumes for a captivating and sensual collection.

It stands out on the waves of the sea ray of sunshine that gives us welcome the new site of this company founded in the mid 80 and which has established itself for its continuous research creative and innovative houte couture.

Predominate tones of blue in the new graphics site, where the most modern techniques of web development allow the visitor to admire the water moving, added with sensual figure of women in costume, they imagine to be really on the shore of the sea.

A simple but impact web-style, a site by the elegant and refined lines playing on the tones of the color of the sea to offer brightness and thoughtlessness. The choice of variations of blue to give an idea of relaxation and pleasure and thus present the new collection of costumes Women 2008, now only bought on the new website. The mark Chiarugi, synonymous with refinement and renovation so chooses new technologies to sell its dresses by providing its products in this virtual shop on its website.

Through a simple registration and a few simple mouse click is thus possible to buy products Chiarugi having available however, in the various sections on line, any explanation and assistance to buy.
Buy the new costume is a real pleasure, we can admire the new line haute couture sea navigating between the pages and discovering variants of the new models.

For a costume of Polynesian inspiration find orchids of lycra printed version Tahiti and with shades of brown, green and shades in coral united bamboo accessories designs on the female body a small exotic forest.

If our taste falls more on the chic, we can choose the series Couture that with pink years old ’50 adorned with bows, rhinestones and stones draws the highest expression of high fashion seas.

To adorn the female body instead of a fresh flower meadow, with drapes slightly lycra sprayed gold, we find the sweet model called, Shining Flowers. The last three variants that presents us with the company on its website innovative woman dressed in costumes with lycra in shades of silver and grey iron in the series Silver Light for the sophisticated woman while in the version Old Memories find the soft knotting designs and gathers of classic scarf. Complete collection 2008 the effect of dark series Black Eden where models and simple lines, the black color, with his strength, prevails.

The new Chiarugi site is professional, simple and very expressive, firmly expresses the strength and power of a brand of high fashion shows innovation and modernity his new collection sea expressing his costumes in the energy and determination, combined the refinement and elegance of the women of to-day.

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