Led Candles Are On-Off Candles?

You can enjoy the aura of candlelight without fire, heat, gel or wax, purchasing the new, safe, beautiful led candles, sitting in frosted glass containers, flicking like real wax or gel candles. As led candles are portable, you can use them anywhere in your house, without any fear. Led candles are reliable outdoor too, they resist water, snow or wind. Led candles are rechargeable, can work without batteries and last approximately 12 hours per charge.

Dissipate the blackness of the night with led candles

Led candles don?t have a flame; you can blow on or out with a master on ? off switch, you can use them safely in the rooms where it is too dangerous to use natural candles, to have open flame. Some models with batteries can last 350 hours on a single set of batteries. Nothing better than led candles to create a romantic atmosphere, in safe and secure conditions; no flame to blow out in the wind, no carcinogens to worry about, no burning or fire hazard, no smoke, and no wax. You can use them as safe portable night light, as window display or restaurant, bar or club candle table light.

Led candles are also recommended for night party lights around pools, decks or garden. There are also some models with natural fragrances. Because they are batteries operated, led candles can be arranged in children?s room or in colleges. It is also possible to change the color of the candle, to match your d?cor, simple pressing a button.

The fragrant candles can be used as nightlight, emergency lighting or ambient lighting in bars or restaurants. You will never worry again about the open flame and fire danger. There are candles made in wax, realistic with delightful scents and flickering as real candles. Wall sconce and led candles, what a beautiful combination! They make an awesome effect, a modern accent in any bar or restaurant, dinning room or hall. The newest generation of candles uses the latest SMD technology for changing colors, able to create an awesome ambience anywhere, at home, in a restaurant, pub or club.

Light up your life

Dispel the shadows and darkness of the night with led candles, safe and spectacular. Led candles will burn safely and bright in any room. You can rest without the fear of open fire. Led candles are great any time, they don?t make a mess like wax candles.

Never forget that led candles are recommended for any occasion; pillar candles flameless, realistic and safe can be easily installed among evergreen boughs, without fear of starting a dangerous fire.

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