Learn To Fix Imperfect Photos

Free tools are now available in the website to fix up imperfect photos, i.e. photos with incorrect colour balance, photos having red eyes, photos with blemishes and wrinkles, etc. Before you think you to pay and learn from Adobe Photoshop give the opportunity to try out these simple photo editing tools. Give the following photo editing tools the chance and see how easy it is to use them.

FaceFilter Studio

This is a simple photo editing tool that both professional users and ordinary users can make use of to edit imperfect photos. It can simply remove unwanted facial expressions, wrinkles and blemishes in just four steps. FaceFilter Studio comes with muscle-based photo morphing technology that basically remove smooth wrinkles, rectifies colour imbalance, sharpens and improves facial structure, eliminates common skin blemishes, enhance facial expressions, etc.

You can therefore make this FaceFilter Studio as an additional to your current collection of photo editing tools. It is an extra bonus for you to maximize the potential to create your perfect and ideal photo.

PhotoCleaner Professional

This photo editor has an all-purpose image-editing program similar to that of Adobe Photoshop. Instead of performing sequence of operations that are normally done manually, PhotoCleaner does it automatically for you. Yes, it is indeed that sophisticated enough to cut down editing time without you having to learn the user interface and wasting a lot of time repeating certain editing operations manually.

There are settings for enhancement and you can switch the processing steps on and off. The automatic editing process of the photo takes place after the selected image (or combination of images selected via batch mode) is enhanced and all checkboxes on the settings pane are bein checked as follows:

? Auto-rotated (when digital camera has orientation sensor)
? Colour saturation
? Resizing
? Noise reduction
? Reveal shadows
? Levels adjustment with optional colour correction
? Vignette
? Sharpened
? Add caption
? Add frame

PicaJet FX

This is really a digital photo organizer. It allows the importing of images from your digital camera, image sharing via web gallery or email, personal ratings and categories, automatic photo enhancement, printing features, etc. Since it is an image organizer, you can organize your viewing of images by rating, date/timeline or by keyword. You can simply categorize those images using its drag and drop feature. It also has photo editing features such as cropping, image sharpening, level adjusting, red-eye correcting, etc. Other sophisticated functions included are image search engine with support for EXIF data, CD/DVD burning, slideshow maker including an easy to use tool to create a web gallery from templates.

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