Learn Japanese Flower Arranging From Online Courses!

There are many online courses available on how to arrange flowers the Japanese way. There you can get online lessons on Ikebana which is the traditional art of arranging flowers in Japan, it is also known as Kado. Each arrangement is given a name depending on what kind of flower is used, there are Shoka, Nagerie, Moribana and Rikka and then you have what is called free style. The Shoka, Nagerie, Morbiana and Rikka styles all emphasize on the beauty of the flowers and plants being used. The free style which is the most recently developed style of Ikebana leaves it entirely up to the florist to decide what materials are to be used and what they think are going to look beautiful.

Ikebana emerged from the early Buddhist offering and became popular during the 15th century and with its popularity it evolved into an artform with many different styles and schools. Careful attention was placed on the choice of vases, plants, placement of branches and the connection of the branches to their environment.

There are quite a few styles of Ikebana with the most popular being Ohara, Ikenobo, and Sogetsu. On a note of interest regarding the three schools mentioned, the Ohara school was founded by as the name implies Ohara Unshin in 1895, the Ikenobo which is the oldest leader was the Japanese Monk Ukenobo Seneki and the Sogetus school was established in 1927, by Teshigahara Sofu .

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