Language in Websites – Do You Understand Pickles?

Castraveti Foarte Gustosi!

If you can?t understand I have pickles for sale, then I?ve lost the opportunity to show you my crisp, delectable, abundant supply of them. It?s best to research your customer?s language needs and characteristics before you start developing your website to help avoid costly mistakes such as, insulting, confusing, or angering your customers.

Language is important in all contexts. Not only do you need to communicate to your audience in their native language, but in a credible voice and in a way they identify with. You don?t need to go into excessive medical jargon to someone who wants to buy band aids. If it doesn?t make sense or fulfill their needs right away, customers will quickly click away to another site, to find one that will.

There are plenty of examples on-line that illustrate what can happen if the context of an advertisement can be interpreted in many ways. For example, it probably wasn?t a good idea to advertise, ?the secret ingredient is our people,? in a Burger King? ad, even if the people make a tasty Whopper?, or a photography studio advertising, ?Shoot the kids for Dad $24.95 each,? even if Dad would love the kids shot for father?s day. It?s important to understand your message from all angles and think ahead to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

One way of emphasizing your message is to use pictures. Graphics and flash animation that relate to your company can help the audience comprehend quickly, without having to go into great detail. Using a professional graphic artist can help you get the attention and ?wow? the audience.
The staff at Ardis Creative speaks seven different languages and has international experience that will allow your website to target a local and worldwide audience. This will ensure your message is understood and accepted by everyone who visits your site.

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