JuzVideo – The New Anime Stream Site

Recent license case of Anime licensing in CrunchyRoll cause an uproar towards viewers.
Many have take the approach of scolding the site owner,Shinji that he should not license the animes.

Most of them comment ” Nothing much more to watch , i will leave crunchyroll ” and some comment “This sucks, where can i watch anime elsewhere”.

Some understand that Shinji,owner of crunchyRoll have to stop viewers to watch the Anime because if he dont do so, he will get sue by many copyright intellectual owner of the anime titles.

At this period of anime chaotic, a group by the name JuzVideo Team had rise and provide anime streaming base on getting sources from veoh, youtube, CrunchyRoll, megavideo, yahoo video.

JuzVideo privacy state clearly that they dont host the files themselves and after several weeks of advertising and improving the site, JuzVideo now had approx 1600 members and concurrent 80 to 90 viewers.

They offer more than 60 anime titles & 1000 episodes, all titles are in High Quality and often dedicated over 15 hours / day to the viewers in answering question and fix broken link.

When we ask the owner/creator of IfyouWas.com, they mention all donations are use towards advertising the site and paying server invoices. Viewers mainly come from phillipines & europe area, also country like Singapore for Asian Country.

The owner also mention that this site will be up and running as long there are viewers coming in. The site owner himself love to spend his time at Digital Point Forum, 1 of the key webmaster forum of the net and research on building his site.

Hope anime lovers can give JuzVideo Team a chance by visting either of their site JuzVideo.com or IfYouWas.com and you can expect the latest & best Video aheads .

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