Josh Groban Tickets – See An Emerging Star Live

Josh Groban tickets are available, and although he may be new to the scene, Groban is already beginning to shine as brightly as any musician currently recording. Groban is known for music that?s mature beyond his years, and his classical baritone style is capturing the hearts and ears of millions of fans. A look at Groban?s life will help explain how his style and status came to be.

Early Life

Joshua Winslow Groban was born on February 27, 1981 in Los Angeles. He was seen as a musical prodigy from an early age, and dedicated a large part of his life to the study of musical arts. Groban fell in love with singing immediately, and made his performance debut in the seventh grade. However, his love for music caused his grades to fall, so he had to put his performance career on hold for a time in order to regain control of his academic pursuits.

Soon, however, Groban was back in the swing of things academically and got back into his music. He enjoyed several opportunities for early exposure, including working as a rehearsal singer for such events as the Grammy Awards. Groban didn?t completely lose sight of his studies, though, and after completing his diploma at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, he enrolled at Carnegie Mellon University to continue his musical studies.

Career Progress

Groban spent only one year at Carnegie Mellon before he dropped out. The reason he left school was because he was offered a recording contract, and Groban felt it was time to take his skills to the stage. He worked the live circuit for awhile, and his sultry voice soon created a high level of demand for Josh Groban tickets.

In 2001, he released his first album, Josh Groban, and it was a success. Groban has since released three additional albums, and he is quickly gaining acclaim as his style continues to evolve. Groban has also put in time to help those less fortunate, as he donated his talents to the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, among other causes.

Overall, Josh Groban may not have a lot of time under his belt on the music scene, but his talents are transcendent. Every new release shows not only where Groban has been, but where he?s headed, and Josh Groban tickets will only become more difficult to find as this star continues to ascend.

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