Jennette Mccurdy ? Teen Star Riding A Wave!

When the new Nickelodeon hit, iCarly, began she was much less heralded than her popular co-star, Miranda Cosgrove, in spite of a long list of films and TV sitcom appearances. That is all coming to an end now that everyone has learned the blonde teen star can certainly hold her own on the acting stage!

The popularity of iCarly has given Jennette McCurdy the opportunity to showcase her talent, and she has not disappointed. On the show, she plays the trouble seeking, trash talking, abrasive Sam Puckett, who is Carly?s best friend. Sam also has a love-hate relationship with Carly?s next-door neighbor Freddie. Sam was actually the impetus behind the kids? idea of an Internet show named iCarly. Jennette?s character brings a lot of energy and banter to the show.

Many folks believed that iCarly was Jennette?s first TV appearance but they couldn?t have been further from the truth. Jennette had appeared as a guest star in a number of popular television shows like Lincoln Heights, Close To Home, Will & Grace, Zoey 101, Malcolm in the Middle, Judging Amy, Medium, Law & Order: SVU, Karen Cisco, and CSI among others. That?s quite a bit of work for a supposed newcomer. It is obvious to see that this budding Teen Star was just waiting for the chance to show her stuff. iCarly provided the opportunity, and Jennette took it from there.

Jennette?s been very busy with her new found fame with photo shoots, girl magazine interviews and such. In spite of the newly placed demands on her time, she still finds time to post to two blogs, up-date her web site, and watch her favorite show, Project Runway. As Jennette herself reveals on her blog, ??I’m a Project Runway FREAK!! Oh, I love it, love it, love it!! Of course, I watched the premiere… I soon found that the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” really applied here… I’m loving it! I haven’t picked out my favorite contestants yet, but a few that I think are really unique and fun to watch are Kit, Kevin, Steven, Victoria, and Christian.?

Despite her busy schedule and fame, Jennette is keeping everything in perspective. She was recently quoted as saying, “When I was Christmas shopping with my mom a few years ago, we came across a ‘Wish List Christmas Tree? where less-fortunate kids put their wishes for Christmas on pieces of paper hung from a tree. I randomly selected one and turned it over, expecting to find a wish for some fancy tech toy or watch or something like that. Instead, the wish from that 13-year-old girl was to have a pair of slippers. Both my mom’s eyes and my own welled with tears, thinking that someone’s biggest wish was simply for a pair of slippers. I spent the rest of the day searching for the best pair of slippers I could find!”

This is one up and coming star that we hope makes it big!

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