Is “The Secret” Really Hush Hush

Is The Secret really a secret? Not anymore!

The movie, ?The Secret? released in March of this year has taken the world by storm. Distributed by the internet using a viral marketing model, the film has been downloaded on computers across the globe. In November, two episodes of Larry King Live were devoted to ?The Secret?.

So what is The Secret? The secret is a Universal Law known and practiced by secret societies of the rich and powerful for centuries. The ?secret? is the Law of Attraction, which teaches that whatever thoughts we hold in our mind, repeat, and attach feeling to, we bring into our reality. It works like a physical magnet to bring into our experience exactly what we think about and to what we attach our emotions. If we think of prosperity constantly for instance, the Law of Attraction says it must come to us. If we think of lack and injustice, that will come to us as well.

While this might sound like mumbo jumbo, you might be surprised to learn that secret societies have practiced The Law of Attraction for centuries. Many of our nation?s founding fathers were members of a secret society know as the Freemasons. Great leaders such as Plato, Newton, Carnegie, Beethoven, Shakespeare, and Einstein Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin reportedly all knew the secret and practiced it. Leaders have also known the power of manipulating the thoughts of the masses through impressing emotion laden thoughts on their minds in order to control them.

After learning about the Law of Attraction by reading the 1920?s classic ?The Science of Getting Rich?, the film?s producer, Rhonda Byrne, sought out several modern teachers to learn the techniques that make the Law of Attraction work for us. The basic message is ?what we think about and attach our feelings to we bring about?. So in order to retrain our thoughts we use techniques such as visualizations and affirmations to create the feeling of having already having the experience. We retrain our thoughts to focus on our desired result rather than what we are experiencing through habit.

To put the Law of Attraction to work, we must first understand that we have two minds; the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind can accept or reject a thought, while the subconscious mind can only accept a thought. The subconscious mind can not distinguish fact from fiction or reality from fantasy.

Starting at the beginning of life, our subconscious mind develops a certain set of beliefs or paradigms. Thoughts impressed upon our subconscious mind before are about eight years old are largely accepted because we have not developed the conscious mind. For example, if a child hears, ?You?ll never amount to much? before he or she developed a conscious mind, then the mind will believe that thought to be truth. Sadly, without retraining his or her mind, that paradigm or belief system will continue to create exactly that experience.

Most of us?well all of us? have limiting beliefs that we repeat constantly in our subconscious mind. They are like a looping cassette tape constantly repeating the same thoughts. The good news it we can retrain our minds to harness the incredible power of the Law of Attraction to bring new experiences in our lives. We can just as naturally create prosperous and joyful mental cassette tapes. The law works for everyone, and for every thought, in exactly the same way. Good or bad. Productive or destructive. It?s all the same to the Law of Attraction. The Law simply brings thought (any thought) into form. It sounds simple, but releasing old limiting beliefs is complex process, because the subconscious mind fights change.

I recently received an email from a man who said, ?You mean to tell me if I glue a fake check for a million dollars to my ceiling and stare at it, I?ll get a million dollars?? I find that hard to believe.? My answer was no and yes. The act of attaching a check to the ceiling and staring at it is not likely to create any changes. However, if he were to consistently visualize what that money would do for his life, and begin to ?feel? what it would be like to have that experience, then yes, it would come to him.

In takes about 30 days of consistent visualizing and stating affirmations to change beliefs in the subconscious mind. Once new thoughts are impressed upon it, we begin to act on those thoughts and create a new vibration that attracts a new experience.

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