Is “Mind Reading Exposed” True To The Hype?

Let’s get to the chase.

I have reviewed several products over the years. The bulk of these reviewed products revolved around “how to make money”. For a change, I decided to review an entertainment product. It was a hoot, loved it. It was a welcome relief to branch out into this genre.

The product I decided to review is called Mind Reading Exposed.

A couple years ago I heard about this gent from U.K. that expended some serious change to expose how professional mind readers actually pulled off those unbelievable stunts/videos/impressions that you have seen on TV and various videos. There was even a recent TV series showing Derren Brown doing the unbelievable and explaining some in general terms.

I looked over the U.K. gent’s initial mind reading product and was mildly impressed. Price was pretty reasonable. The information was very enjoyable and total content was above average.

My guess is that he found that he was under-performing overall and retrenched. He recently released a complete update to his original. Unlike his initial offering, he provides three bonuses to go along with the EBook. That I like, as I had not any of the bonuses before.

I decided to do this review and evaluate in writing how well he achieved my “five benchmarks”. Understand that I am certainly not even an amateur illusionist or hypnotist, but the evaluation criteria does not require one to be an expert in the field to do a valid appraisal.

1. How true is his sales letter to reality?

I would grade this a 9 of 10. That being said, I have found very few writers that come this close to realistically describing their product. There was no deception in the sales copy. The only reason I cannot give Mind Reading Exposed a 10 of 10 is that there was a hint of hype.

2. How unique is Mind Reading Exposed?

Again, no perfect score here and he receives a 7 of 10. There are a few other products that provide some/most/all the tricks and secrets provided here. Although his product provides more for less, his product does not stand alone as the sole source of most of the mind reading secrets provided.

3. How complete is the product?

Well, here I award Mind Reading Exposed a perfect 10 of 10. A simple download gives anyone everything promised. Nothing more is needed. I cannot elaborate more.

4. How user friendly is Mind Reading Exposed?

I wish I could find fault so that I could write more. I spent twenty years inspecting and evaluating businesses. My value was in providing assistance by finding faults, but here there are none. The transaction was easy, flawless, and deserved the highest rank of 10.

5. How was the buying experience?

This buying experience went contrary to the rampant “provide your email address for full download” promotions and sales that I have experienced. I bought/received/used the product for three months and there has been no request for my email address and I have not received a single “upsell” website/email. I was impressed. Can you believe another 10 of 10 for Mind Reading Exposed?

My humble evaluation of Mind Reading Exposed is a 9 plus of 10. More can be spent, less can be spent, but for the value received, this is as close as you can get to a sweet deal.

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