International Honeymoon Holiday

A honeymoon is supposed to be a wonderful romantic get away, as you and you?re your special someone begin a new life together. If you are looking for just the right international honeymoon location, here are some of the top selected options that are full of just what you need – fun, sun and romance:

Hawaii is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations, and why shouldn?t it be? This string of islands offer endless beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets to share with your new spouse while sipping drinks together or taking part in a luau. If you like to be a little more adventurous, the Hawaiian Islands also offer a number of locations that can make you feel like you?ve been around the world while staying in one place. From waterfalls to rainforests and volcanoes, it?s all available in Hawaii.

Tahiti, in the Polynesian Islands, is another top honeymoon holiday destination. There are many options when it comes to activities to share. You may want to hop aboard a local cruise through the nearby Polynesian islands, or go snorkeling or scuba diving on the coral reefs. You could stroll small towns like Papette, browse the unique shops, and try the local flavor.

Nothing says romance like spending some time in Italy and other locations in the south of Europe. Imagine being serenaded during a romantic Italian dinner in the heart of Rome, later you could be walking along the waterside in Venice or even take a gondola ride through the city. The wonderful part about the area around the Mediterranean Sea is that so many locations are in such close proximity. You can feel as if you?ve had a completely international holiday honeymoon even if you have only a short stay.

A very popular honeymoon spot is the island of Anguilla in the British Virgin Islands. This is not a very busy location, and therefore is a perfect area for those who want a little privacy, peace and quiet in their honeymoon. The beaches are breathtaking and not very crowded, so you won?t have to fear interruption as you share a sunset with one another. In addition, you can stroll through the area hand in hand and enjoy a new land, sampling fabulous fresh-made fare.

Have you ever wanted to go to the south Pacific? The Fiji Islands may be the location you?re looking for. The view you will see once you reach the islands is what you would see on a postcard. Imagine shimmering blue ocean waters with mountains growing up out of them reaching to the sky in perfect peaks. If that were not enough, try this honeymoon idea on for size. How about your own island? Fiji offers the ability to stay on your own small island for a day or more. This way you and your new life mate will able to have beach picnics, drinks, and take in the beauty of the island, as you celebrate beginning your life together, with no threat of ever being interrupted.

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