I Always Associate Scented Candles With Romance

Scented candles are the invention of our modern times, being used in aromatherapy and relaxation. To a certain extent, scented candles are the proof of the way necessity becomes a need for comfort over time. The first known candles appeared out of man’s need to keep light in the house, and later their usage expanded to the religious rites. But from that till the relaxation purposes scented candles serve today, it’s quite a distance.

The use of scented candles in our times

The fact is that scented candles have not a religious but an ambiance role. Quality wax candles are primary used in churches all over the world, as they symbolize the divine light that Christ brought to this world. Scented candles release a pleasant smell when burned, and their role extended to aromatherapy applications.

However, they are also used for bringing freshness to our homes. It is a known fact that candles reduce unpleasant smells from a room, for example tobacco smoke is eliminated successfully by a burning candle.

If we combine the classical candle with some aromatic oil or essence we obtain a very satisfactory result, on the one hand disturbing smells are eliminated by the burning candle and on the other hand the room atmosphere is filled with a lovely smell. The longer it burns the more perfumed the chamber will be.

Scented candles are a very good solution for cleaning and refreshing the air in your house, if a romantic or discrete atmosphere is to be made this is the perfect solution. There are scented candles used even for keeping mosquitoes out, the powerfully scented ones like citronella will probably protect your rooms from unpleasant invaders.

Are scented candles a symbol of romance?

In the past scented candles were associated with luxury and extravagance, only the richest people afforded to use them. In our modern days their price is accessible to everyone and this is quite a good thing given the positive effect scented candles can have on our feelings, mood or psyche in general.

It is a common idea to associate scented candles with romance. For instance, floating candles are the romantic type that create an intimate and warm atmosphere, not only by their scents but also by their intriguing aspect. The cooler water keeps the wax from becoming too liquid and keeps it burning at a moderate rate. You can check on results on yourself!

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