How Would You Like To be In Showbiz?

It promises a life of fame and fortune. A lifestyle of glitz and glamour: fabulous parties, dazzling jewelries, designer wardrobes, luxury cars, real estate properties, gorgeous people. Who wouldn’t be enticed by the power of success show business has to offer?

Whether you come from a poor family or you were born with the proverbial spoon in your mouth, whether you are an intellectual or a dumb blonde, whether you have the talent or just the right assets… when the showbiz bug hits you, you’re in for the wild ride of your life.

Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen

The lure of show business continues with the success of reality tv format where ordinary people become the stars of a purportedly unscripted situations or documentation of actual events in a person’s everyday life. Whether it’s a game show, dating search, or talent quest, throngs of people line up during auditions, hoping to become participants in these shows which could be a stepping stone to becoming overnight sensations. Once chosen, these shows help the participants to shine by giving them enough exposure to hog the limelight and compete with the more established tv and movie personalities for public and media attention.

However, out of thousands of aspirants, only a handful gets that life-changing break they’ve been waiting for. Not everyone who is talented and beautiful is assured of the plum. Not even having the right attitude is the key to stardom. Hollywood is full of brats and notorious celebrities, and yet they continue to soar high in their careers.

Winning in a game show or talent search will surely start-up one’s career but it is still up to the person to play his/her cards well as there will still be a lot of challenges to face and obstacles to overcome as one climbs up the ladder of success. In some cases, the winner ends up having no career at all, while the runner up gets all the right breaks.

Playing The Field

Show business has its own dirty politics. Survival of the fittest is the name of the game. The ?fittest? doesn’t necessarily connotes positive attributes, but it is the ability to play the field, and to play it right. Though it doesn’t mean that there are no more good people in show business, a lot of compromises are at stake in keeping up with the prevailing system in the industry. Having the right clout or connections with influential people in the production heirarchy is an advantage. It serves as a short-cut route to getting the right breaks. The casting couch is another story wherein would-be actors/actresses exchange sexual favors to get a part. But in the end, the audience or the general public will be the one to give the verdict. If the star makes it big in the box-office, there will be a follow-up project. No matter how one tries to manipulate the situation, if the audience will not approve of it, the career will not flourish.

Handling Success

We all know that success can change a person, either positively or negatively. Those who keep their feet planted and deeply rooted on the ground somehow managed to balance the effects of success and have remained down-to-earth inspite of being in dreamland. Adulation brought about by fame, too much wealth can sometimes numb a person’s senses and loses perspective with reality. Everything seems to be a dream, surreal.

History tells us of famous celebrities whose lives have been ruined because of success. They tend to feel lonely and empty. They try to fill up this vacuum in their lives by using drugs, partying all night, sex, alcohol, gambling and other vices. Too many cases of drug addiction, suicides related to sleeping pill overdose, mental and emotional illness. These people are prone to panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

This is true not only in show business but even in other fields of endeavor. When one allows success to get in the head, it leads to self-destruction. Hard work reaps success. But success, when not handled properly, will also bring downfall. So, to those who want a career in the intrigue laden and controversial world of show business, be sure to know what it takes to make it. And when you made it, be sure to handle it well.

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