How Working Out Helps Your Poker Game

50 Hands A Day:
Whenever I am getting ready for a poker tournament I try to play at least 50 hands, every single day in an online poker room and on the weekends I go to the casinos and play 100 hands a day and sometimes I play right thru the day and the night The more hands you play the better you will be when the day of the tournament arrives. Laying more hands will allow you to feel more confident when you get to the tournament and you will have a better feel for how difficult it is to make specific hands

Poker tournaments are not quick games. a poker tournament can take more then 12 and some games can go for 2 days, don?t worry they give you a break to sleep. Just from spending so much time at a poker table can take its toll on your mind and body. Therefore it is important to take good care of your body for at least the last 2 or 3 weeks leading up to the tournament. This will help you keep your mind focused on the game. After all if you were going to be in a car race you would maintain your car right?

Fuel for the Body:
Many people like to fill up before a poker tournament because they do not want to get hungry during the game, but eating a big meal before hand can cause you to need to go to the bathroom during the game. This is bad because it will break your concentration. If you have to hold it in you are thinking about not making a mess and can start to make bad decisions. What you need to do is to start eating well balanced meals 2 weeks before the tournament. Proper meals on a regular schedule will regulate when you have to use the rest rooms and when you will want to eat. Before the game you will know how often you will get a break and when the start time is and can create a schedule around that time table.

Work Out:
Spending so much time sitting and using your brain can be drain on your energy levels. It is very important to work out regularly. Once your body starts to feel tired your brain has already stopped working at 100%. A regular workout will stop you from falling asleep and keep you in the tournament.

Regulate Your Sleep:
By making sure you get a full night sleep every night and wake up at the same time every day for several weeks your body will repair itself faster, and the schedule will help you get a better night sleep. In return this will help keep your mind working while playing in the tournament. The average human needs 8 hours of sleep. Some people can get less sleep and be fully rested and some need more sleep. Make sure to get the optimal sleep for you.

Brush up on the Fundamentals:
Before playing in a poker tournament especially if there are big stakes involved it is always good to go back and relearn to play. Many poker players like to read books on poker tips and tricks as well as different strategies, and before going to a tournament you should bone up on all these things again. It is also good to watch as many poker games as you can. This will help you study the players and break down their strategies. If you can break down the strategies of the other players you will have a big advantage over them.

Following these recommendations have helped give me an advantage during several poker tournaments and the more I play, the closer I get to winning the pot of gold.

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