Home Theater Receivers

You home theater receiver plays an important role in the performance of your equipment. With changes in technology in audio and video, you won?t want to waste a lot of money upgrading your equipment frequently, so here are different kinds of home theater receivers? features and then a brief look at popular models out there so that you?ll get the most for you buck.

Power Output ? Look for at least channels of amplification, no less. Check specs ratings.

Preamp Outputs ? Check settings; a high volume setting means more preamp level output, while a low setting means no output.

Video / Tape out/VCR Input and Output ? If you need these, make sure they are marked (otherwise, you may not have them!) Check compatibility of equipment with your systems for video: Composite Video / S-Video / Component Video / RGB Video.

Surround Decoders ? This is built into some home theater systems. Check with your system.

Popular Kinds of Home Theater Receivers (HTR)

Yamaha RX-V1600 ? This 7.1 channel HTR offers great sound via 20wpc, high-current, low distortion. If boasts video conversion, automatic setup, THX Cinema Processing and can hook up with XM Satellite Radio.

Pioneer Elite VSX-52TX HTR ? This THX Select 7.1 channel (110 WPCx7 at .09% THD) boasts Dolby Digital, DTS and Prologic IIx processors, AV switching and remote with LCD display.

Denon AVR-2807 HTR ? This 7.1 channel has DTS-ES, Dolby Digital-EX, Dolby Pro- DTS-Neo:6, DTS and Logic IIx processors. Also it has multi-zone expandability, Lip-synch adjustment, HDMI and HD-Component switching, plus works with XM-Radio.

Marantz SR7500 HTR ? This expandable two-channel to full 7.1 channel THX-Select boasts Dolby Prologic IIx, too. It also houses DTS-ES, Dolby Digital EX, Circle Surround 6.1.

Yamaha RX-N600 ? This 6.1 Channel Network HTR even networks with an iPOD or a PC. It boasts 95wpc x6, high-current, low distortion, front panel USB port, Video Conversion of S-video and much more.

Onkyo TX-SR504 ? This Entry-Level 7.1 Channel HTR boasts a built-in XM Satellite Radio Tuner and has iPOD dock compatibility, plus more.

So since you home theater receiver plays such an important role in the performance of your equipment, especially since you?ll want to ?try? to keep up with technology ?. Do you homework before you buy. Research the different kinds of home theater receivers and see which features will get you the most value and quality for you buck.

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