Hollywood Is A Different Universe

Popular magazines like Star and the National Enquirer report on the scandalous and interesting lives of our favorite celebrities. Most readers come to expect for Stars to be a little eccentric, as most creative and artistic people are. Even though I understand that those in Hollywood happen to live in a different galaxy than the rest of us, lately I?ve been getting the feeling that they live in a different universe all together. If you should disagree, I?ll provide you with my top 3 reasons that Hollywood is a completely different universe.

Kevin Federline Is Considered a Better Choice as a Parent

Kevin Federline is known as many things, an unemployable former back up dancer, would be rapper, and a cad, who happened to leave his girlfriend while she was seven months pregnant. Most people cheered with glee when Britney Spears decided that it was time to put the kibosh on their tumultuous union. Yet, as of today if you ask anyone who they believe should be raising Sean Preston, and Jayden James, the two children he sired with Spears, most people would without hesitation say Federline. Only in Hollywood would Kevin Federline make the better parent.

Madonna Has Turned Into A prude

Though Madonna has moved to England, and adopted some weird hybrid British American accent, she is a major player in the entertainment community. Madonna is probably known for her sexy persona, and her ability to push the limits, sexual and otherwise. She has been romantically linked to some of the top players in Hollywood including Warren Beatty and Sean Penn.

Yet, the material girl turned mom has turned into a prude. She has stated that she will not allow her daughter Lourdes to date until she turns 18, and does not allow her 3 children to consume junk food or watch television. The woman who gained notoriety for videos such as Justify My Love and carved a career out of the visual medium has decided that television is trash? Does anyone but me see the irony in this?

Antonella Barber is News

What happened to the days of being famous for actually doing something? Antonella Barber, at least I believe that is her last name, I currently do not find her important enough to actually check, is making quite the stir this week. Antonella is the most likely contestant to be booted off American Idol as she sounds mediocre at best has made headlines for some racy photos making their rounds through the media including the internet.

Antonella, who had she any talent would have become famous for her singing but is now gaining notoriety for salacious photos that may be a marketing ploy on her part is doing what many other celebrity hopefuls do. She will become famous for being famous and not doing anything noteworthy at all. I?m hoping the hoopla will die down and an actual celebrity will begin to make headlines.

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