Holidays On The Race Track

If you have the need for speed and enjoy auto racing then a racing holiday may be something right up your alley. There are a number of options available to choose from since fun holidays that focus on sports is on the rise. You can plan your auto racing vacation on your own; use the internet to search for locations, dates and hotels that offer discounts and package to the events. Many events have services that will suggest hotels and packages. There are also travel agents that specialize in sport holidays. They not only save you time and hassle but they know the ins and outs of your event and destination so the guesswork is taken out of your trip.

First you need to decide what kind of holiday you are interested in and the level of action. If you?re traveling with children and you?re interested in the history of racing you may want to visit a racing museum, such as the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame in Mooresville, North Carolina. Museums contain original and replica cars from yesteryears and today. They may also contain interactive exhibits which can be fun for the whole family.

You may prefer a vacation with more excitement that includes an auto racing event such as NASCAR, the Grand Prix, or Formula One. There are packages available that will give you special privileges such as preferred seating and receptions. Depending on the package and the cost some even offer you a chance to meet the drivers and crew. You can rent a scanner to hear the drivers and race officials so you feel like you are part of the action. These packages take out the hassle of planning since many include air transportation, admission tickets, hotels, transfers and other freebies such as souvenirs and other sightseeing trips.

The ultimate adrenaline rush auto racing holiday is by attending an actual racing school. Choose a school that has the cars you wish to drive; some use street legal sports cars and some use actual motorway race cars. There are several classes available and they range from a half day to a few days. Usually a few hours are spent in the classroom and then you suit up and the rest is on the speedway. You won?t actually be racing; there will be no pressure to blow away your classmates on the track. You will be learning the techniques the pros use in racing which will help you in every day driving and still fill that need for speed. They?ll teach you under-steer and over-steer corrections, proper braking, turning at high speeds and other tricks of the trade. You?ll be taken through slaloms and let loose on the track to fulfill your dreams of racing with the pros.

Whether your appetite is as an auto racing spectator or as a participant there is sure to be a race holiday to get your adrenaline going and provide you with your dream vacation.

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