Hidden Video Cameras And Your Funny Bones

Your funny bones and hidden video cameras have two things in common. The first is you, the second is humor.

Hidden video cameras have the ugly reputation of being tools for voyeurism and inveterate government meddling. What we fail to realize, however, is that hidden video cameras can be very entertaining, too. They make us snort in amusement or guffaw with wild abandon. How is this possible?

Hidden video cameras are a big thing in the entertainment industry. Reality TV and gag shows utilize hidden video cameras. In fact, these are aimed on just about anyone and anything to record private moments or show outrageous antics.

A Video a Day Keeps Audiences Laughing

Who doesn’t know the shows Big Brother and Just for Laughs? These two are highly rated shows. They have a solid fan base and an ever increasing following. This is impressive because both shows do not rely on celebrity actors to provide the media mileage or the mass appeal. In fact, the two shows feature ordinary people going about mundane tasks.

Big Brother is a classic experiment in social interaction. Carefully screened volunteers are made to live together in one house. This task may seem easy at first; but as the days progress, viewers like yourself will quickly realize just how daunting it is to stay sane inside a fishbowl. Yes, living in Big Brother’s house is akin to living in a fishbowl. There are cameras everywhere, and their presence puts additional strain on housemates. After all, on top of performing tasks from Big Brother, these housemates also have to endure each other’s company for a specified period of time. The show gets interesting as hidden video cameras chronicle what the housemates ate for breakfast and who is slandering whom. Clashes of personalities emerge. People fall in love quickly, and then just as quickly, they fall out. Housemates argue. Some deal with personal issues. Others hold crying sessions or go on journeys of self-discovery. Naturally, all this drama takes place under the watchful lens of hidden video cameras. Viewers can monitor the show’s progress through life video feed from hidden video cameras placed all over the Big Brother house.

Now what about Just for Laughs? Like Big Brother, it is a social experiment and a running commentary on contemporary times. Just for Laughs is a gag show that features ordinary people going about their own business. After being targeted by the show’s actors, they are then engaged in a situation that is sure to raise their eyebrows, if not their voices or their fists. Not surprisingly, Just for Laughs quickly became a very popular show. Footages are usually recorded by hidden video cameras.

Life as a TV Show

The possibility of living under the glare of the lens was explored in depth in the movie, the Truman Show. Jim Carrey plays Truman Burbank. The movie is sad and amusing at the same time. It leaves audiences with the painful reminder that people, even those we call our friends, will not always be moved by our tragedies, whether these are big or small.

Clearly, it pays to have hidden video cameras ready. With one in your home, you can kick your feet up and pretend you’re king of a vacation home in the Spanish Reviera.

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