Hats Off To You!!

If you are looking for a wonderful group to be part of look no further. Of course there is an age restriction but if you are over 50, the Red Hat Society may be just what you are looking for.

This time the age restriction works in the favor of older women. So many groups cater to younger women but this is a group that applauds and celebrates those of us who are 50 or older.

The Red Hat Society functions as an organization that brings older women together. There are all kinds of things that members of this group can do and it is up to each chapter to organize and plan their activities.

Everyone is welcome in the Red Hat Society, backgrounds do not matter. A red had is needed and the flashier and more luxurious, the better. There are also many other accessories and pieces of clothing that members may choose to wear.

The Red Hat Society has been around since 1998 and the reason it was started was to build community and friendships among women who are 50 years of age or older. This is a group that is not about social issues or raising money. The members of the Red Hat Society are not on a mission to save the world. While it is a type of club for older women it is not like a sorority in any other way.

There are now thousands of chapters and at least one million members. Tea parties tend to be part of almost every chapter but the fun and creativity is only limited by it?s members. The members can be as silly as they want and no on frowns on their antics.

Hats off to all the chapters and the members of the Red Hat Societies around the world. What a wonderful way to celebrate women, friendship and fun!

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