Halloween In Miami

Well, here we are again, Halloween time and so ghosts, goblins and gore seekers, rejoice for Halloween in Miami is here once more, and this time with a vengeance.

Young ones, teenagers and adults alike, excitement is mounting in anticipation of a day when we can all be kids again. There will parties everywhere, private and public, and if you want to enjoy yourself, as always, Miami is ready to oblige.

Yes, there is always a reason in Miami to have fun and Halloween season is not different. Halloween parties, spooky haunted houses and more will be open to the public and the odd unexpected ghost. Good wishes thus to the scariest kids without as much as a warning to stay off the sugar. Halloween is a time for excess, besides mom and dad will probably make sure the candies are wrapped, sealed, closed and eaten with parsimony. Make it a family thing; it?s a lot of fun. And if your kids are way too cool or too old to put on a costume, do what I do: set a table in your driveway, pull yourself a comfortable chair, pour the candies in a bowl on the table and enjoy the show. I am probably the only adult this side of the world who enjoys Halloween as much as the kids do.

The only problem this year is that pumpkins everywhere have had a really, really bad time. Blame it on the weather is what I have been told but as usual there will be plenty in the pumpkin pies section of your local supermarket, and perhaps this year I will be brave enough to taste one of them.

There are a whole bunch of events organized to amuse your little to as well. The Miami Seaquarium has a monster spash with fireworks and trick or treat stations.

The Metro Zoo has something planned where kids can enjoy safe trick-or-treating, prizes, costume contests and fun.

Or you may opt for a real splash by making it to the Viscaya (3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL) where $125 will buy you a ticket for the fancy evening at the palatial estate. (Oct 27, 8pm to 1 am)

Adults might want to check the ?Pirates in the Dark? hosted by Adult superstar Jesse Jane, a party for those who like to dress up or down. Head to 1235 Washington Ave, Miami Beach at 11pm, Oct 31.

Music lovers will want to check out the Rock of Horror Party hosted at the cameo where an old movie theater?s resident ghosts will be officially invited to assist a slew of celebrities and other known people. (1445 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach)

All the insomniacs out there rejoice: The World Sounds Halloween Bash is open from 4am. Wear a costume and listen to the music in company of Monsters?

Talking about Halloween, how could I not mention Denis Rodman who doesn?t need a costume but will host a hot costume contest in two categories: Sexiest costume and most creative. Since I mentioned Rodman, I thought it superfluous to indicate that this is an Adult only event. The place: Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino (Miami?s newest casino and playground on Octover 26 at 9pm)

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