Great Practical Jokes To Play On Your Friends

Do you have a friend who just ?needs? a practical joke played on them? Well, I might be able to help you. These are original jokes, meaning that they have been played on or by me or my friends.

Please do remember to be prudent and careful in playing these jokes on people, as you don’t want to hurt anyone.

1 ? The fish at the beach

I have discovered that some people have a revulsion to fish. I have also discovered that these people can also react very humorously to being confronted with a fish.

So, here’s the deal ? get a fish, complete with it’s head. You can buy one at a seafood store. Wait until your friend is digging in the sand or reading a book. They key is to wait until they are focused on something with their head close to the sand.

Now is your time to strike. Take the fish and toss it right under their nose (don’t say anything). Enjoy!

2 ? The water bottle while camping

While camping is another great time to play practical jokes. This one is easy. While your friend is not watching, take their water bottle and put something nasty in it, like garlic powder. Then wait til they drink it for some hilarious results. Note: it’s only fair to play this joke if you have water to replace the water you messed up. It’s no fun to go hiking with no water.

3 ? The rock while camping

This is a classic joke, but always good. While your buddy is occupied elsewhere, put a rock in the bottom of their pack. You won’t get to see their reaction, but you’ll probably hear from them when they get home and find that the hauled a rock down the mountain!

So be considerate, safe, and have fun!

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