Grandmas Boy Packed With Laughs

When it comes to comedic movies, one can’t help but feel that there is something lacking as of late. Many films due their best to appease as many different forms of audience as possible, adding romantic situations to draw in female moviegoers while spattering laughs through to keep the attention of the guys watching the movie. One film that breaks ground by making no such concessions is the recent DVD release known as Grandma’s Boy.

A sleeper hit, Grandma’s Boy did not find its fan base on the big screen. Appearing in theatres for a limited amount of time, it truly found the bulk of its fans through its DVD release and the word of mouth. Grandma’s Boy is a film that was produced by Adam Sandler’s production company, but it does not feature him in the film. And for those who think that his presence would be necessary to make the film a keeper, many are delighted to find that what the film is, in fact, is one of the funniest films that Hollywood has produced in a long time.

Grandma’s Boy follows the life of a man who just never found his calling in life. Content to work as a video game tester at a software development company, the main character named Alex is content to live the easily life, with no immediate goals or plans for his future. He finds himself in trouble, however, when he finds that his roommate hadn’t been paying their rent. With nowhere to go, Alex ends up finding shelter at his Grandmother’s house, who is played by Doris Roberts of “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame. Being cooped up with grandma and her kooky roommates proves to be a sufficient struggle in Alex’s life, who tries to sneak in bong hits and video gaming while trying to obey his grandma’s every beck and call. One of the most hilarious characters in the film has to be Dante – Alex’s pot dealer who has an appetite for the more ?alternative’ things in life, such as pet monkeys trained in karate. One unique factor that Grandma’s Boy has is the fact that the comedy doesn’t stop to make up for some sort of resolution towards the end of the film; if anything, the films comedic points snowball, picking up more and more as the film goes on. I found that to be a pretty unique and refreshing turn from the standard comedies that try to make some sort of dramatic ending from a film of hilarity. Grandma’s Boy keeps you watching while definitely keeping you laughing. I would highly recommend it to anyone who could use a laugh.

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