Giving Dollhouses As Gifts

Dollhouses are wonderful gifts for both children and adults. Children love the interactivity of this fabulous toy. A toddler?s imagination will run rampant, inspired by the familiar backdrop of home and family. Older kids see a dollhouse as a fashion statement, a chance to play with the emerging roles of adulthood. A dollhouse provides a safe place to role play adult responsibilities, as well as a wonderful backdrop for expression of self and decorating tastes. Young adults often view dollhouses as collector?s items, the first real item of lasting value that they will acquire. In middle age, dollhouses begin to take on a somewhat nostalgic air, as changing life roles and empty nest syndrome may lead middle-aged adults to use the dollhouse as a psychological remembrance of when things were different. The elderly love dollhouses for a variety of different reasons, ranging from nostalgia to a hobby that they can share and pass on to grandchildren.

While dollhouses hold a universal fascination and appeal, the specific dollhouse that you give as a gift will depend on the recipient. A dollhouse for a young child should be sturdy and not easily damaged. Small parts should also be avoided, due to possible choking hazards. Keep a child?s dollhouse simple, allowing a neutral backdrop to fuel the child?s imagination. Some experts believe that bright colors are best for children?s toys, while others feel that a neutral decorating scheme will provide the maximum opportunity for children?s imaginations to fill in the details. A child?s dollhouse should be simple in design, without electricity or other possible hazards.

When purchasing a dollhouse for an older child, take care to provide a dollhouse that reflects their sense of personal style. But do not be offended if the the child repaints and redecorates the dollhouse several times. Provide a reasonably complete and furnished dollhouse, but leave room for personal expression.

When buying or building a dollhouse for an adult, focus on the recipient?s interests and sense of style. Remember that a person?s current home does not necessarily reflect all of his or her interests, so do not be afraid to move beyond the person?s current style into the realm of his or her imagination. Nonetheless, the dollhouse will be a stylistic focal point for the room in which it is displayed, so be sure that your design will work with the furnishings already in that room.

Ultimately, there is no right answer as to which style or design of dollhouse will make the perfect gift. Take the person?s age and stylistic preferences into account, but put your personal stamp on the dollhouse as well. Remember to consider the amount of room that the recipient has available to display the dollhouse. If surface space is at a premium in the recipient?s home, a taller, narrower custom design might work the best. Whatever design decisions you make regarding the dollhouse gift, keep in mind that it is truly a labor of love. A handcrafted or kit-built dollhouse will be much more meaningful than an already finished off the shelf model.

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