Gift-Giving 101: Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

A wedding is a time of great joy, great love, and great expense. Luckily, there is a wide selection of cheap groomsmen gifts for the groom who is on a budget. These presents will be very useful in showing your groomsmen your appreciation that they are with you on such a memorable day. Note, however, that cheap does not mean tacky. Just because something is inexpensive does not mean it looks ugly or gaudy.

Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

The following are cheap groomsmen gifts priced between $20 to $25.

1. Engraved key chains, money clips, or Zippo lighters
2. Engraved pocket watches or cuff links
3. Mugs, shot glasses, or beer steins engraved with the wedding date and location
4. Baseball caps or t-shirts embroidered with the word “Groomsman” and the date of the wedding
5. Golf flasks that hold tees, divot tools, and ball markers
6. Tickets to sporting events, especially to local or minor league teams
7. Tickets to movies or half a year’s worth of free video rental
8. Restaurant gift certificates, spa vouchers, or any other coupon that lets the groomsmen enjoy special time with friends or their girlfriends
9. Magazine subscription, a book, or CD
10. Personalized silver flasks

Alternatives to Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

If the gift ideas enumerated above do not appeal to you, don’t fret. There is no rule that says your presents to your groomsmen must be tangible things. Instead of buying cheap groomsmen gifts, you may choose to do any of these:

1. Treat all your groomsmen to breakfast, lunch, or any meal so long as this comes at least a meal before the wedding itself. Be careful, however, that this thank-you gesture does not backfire. You have to carefully monitor your friends’ alcohol intake, otherwise, you might end up with several inebriated groomsmen.

2. Offer to pay for haircuts or shaves before the wedding.

3. Offer to pay for your groomsmen’s tuxedos. Usually, groomsmen pay for their own attire. Should you opt to shoulder this expense yourself, an inexpensive alternative is renting the tuxedos out under a group rental package.

When Cheap Doesn’t Cut It

If money is a little tight, you can pick cheap groomsmen gifts. But what if there truly isn’t any money to cover the cost of presents? The best thing to do, in this case, is to heartily thank all your groomsmen in the form of a personalized card, or a toast during the reception or at the wedding rehearsal dinner. Your groomsmen are your friends, and odds are, they also know just how strapped for cash you are.

Why Give Gifts?

On your wedding, your groomsmen will be more than glorified guests and picture-perfect props. They have duties to discharge. Your groomsmen will organize your bachelor party. They will accompany you through tuxedo fittings. On the big day itself, they will ensure your tie is straight, or that your suit doesn’t have lint, or that you don’t suffer from last-minute jitters and undergo a meltdown. They will also help seat guests at the ceremony. Such a selfless show of friendship is priceless. This is why it’s imperative that you present your groomsmen with a token of your gratitude, be this in the form of cheap groomsmen gifts or a creative alternative that you have thought up.

Finally, always remember that it isn’t what you give that counts the most, its the thought behind the present that does.

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