Getting Ready For The Charlie Brown Easter DVD

Charlie Brown movies are based on the Peanuts comic strip that was created by Charles M. Schulz. The Peanuts was based around the main character Charlie Brown and his friends: Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Sally, Peppermint Patty and Snoopy. Linus was Charlie Browns best friend and Lucy was his mean and cynical older sister who constantly made fun of Charlie Brown and Linus. Schroeder and Peppermint Patty were friends of Charlie Brown and Sally was his younger sister. And Snoopy was the lovable pet beagle of Charlie Brown, who was much more than a typical dog.

Charles M. Schulz inspired a lot of people with his Peanuts comic strip and it is still very relevant in the world today. There were many television specials that were based on the storylines of Charlie Brown. One of the first ones ever made was A Charlie Brown Christmas which was followed by A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Now, everyone can look forward to the new Charlie Brown Easter DVD that is being released this year. Everyone can always count on good old Charlie Brown to get himself into some sticky situations that are guaranteed to entertain.

Another area to tap in on the popularity of Charlie Brown is the world of marketing. There have been so many toys, games and collectibles built upon the story of Charlie Brown and many people still purchase them today. The top ten Charlie Brown collectibles are:

1. Peanuts Charlie Brown Baseball Doll and Accessories
2. Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown Lucy van Pelt with Halloween Costume
3. Peanuts Sticker Maxi Activity Pack
4. A Charlie Brown Christmas: Snoopys Doghouse Play set
5. Schroeder Action Figure: Charlie Brown Christmas from Peanuts
6. View Master: A Charlie Brown Christmas Gift Set
7. Peanuts: A Charlie Brown Christmas Action Complete Collection (12) Figure Box Set
8. Peanuts Charlie Brown with Kite and Kite Eating Tree Figure
9. Peanuts Charlie Brown Scarf
10. Peanuts UNO Halloween: Special Edition Card Game: Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

All of these are great gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas or even anniversaries. The story of Charlie Brown is timeless and is sure to be a hit with any friend or family member. However, if you are interested in getting a new and special gift for someone this year then you should think about getting the latest Charlie Brown Easter DVD. This is a wonderful gift idea for someone you love and it is guaranteed to be something they do not have yet.

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