Gemstones And Color Psychology

Favorite colors can tell a lot about ones personality. Color psychology is the study of colors and the effects it has on us. It is believed that owning a gemstone that matches your emotions brings good luck. This article will guide you in choosing the right gemstone that matches your emotions.

Blue reflects spirituality. Like the seas or oceans that are calm are blue, people with blue as their favorite color tend to have calm personalities. Calmness inspires thought and thus blue color also reflects thought and creativity in a person who likes this color. Some of the gemstones that are blue are Sapphire, Zircon, Aquamarine and Topaz.

Red is the brightest color to the eyes. According to color psychology, looking at red color makes us physically active and gives us energy. Because of the color’s clarity to the eyes, it is associated with honesty. And because of the effect of the color on the body it reflects courageous and strong nature of the person who likes the color. There are many gemstones that are red; some of the prominent ones include Ruby, Spinel and Garnet.

Green symbolizes peace. People who love green are usually peace loving and civilized people. The best gemstones for a person who has green as a favorite color are Emerald and Jade.

Purple is the color of sophistication. It shows deep thought and wisdom. People who have purple color as favorites keep a lot of secrets. They are sophisticated, sensitive, artistic, visionary and observant and have good self-esteem. Violet and lilac are shades of purple and show the almost same character traits. One more things about people who fancy purple is that they adapt well to circumstances and other people. Gemstones for purple color lovers are Garnet, Tanzanite and Amethyst.

Some of us do not have any one particular favorite. Therefore color psychology to the level used in this article is not always accurate. However the subject itself is much broader and more detailed, and using the correct methods accuracy can be achieved with every individual no matter how peculiar his choice of colors may be. However, these general rules used in this article are good guidelines for buying a gemstone that will satisfy you, and if you are someone who believes in superstition, hopefully even bring you luck.

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